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Current algae boom goes towards bioenergy  May 25, 2023 – 11:19 am

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Fot Algen Mikroalge Whenever I am working intensively with algae, I am convinced that algae to solve many of the "big problems" can help we will face in the course of energy and raw material change. However, most of the algae industry successes have been limited mainly to current scientific knowledge and even less on breakthroughs in the use of algae or the commissioning of larger production facilities. The European Workshop Biotechnolgy of Microalgae which took place earlier this month in the vicinity of Berlin, has provided a successful overview of industry developments of the past year. Some innovations that affect the bio I want to present in this article.

On 4 and 5 June, the Institute for Cereal Processing (IGV) of 9 European Workshop Biotechnology of Microalgae organized. Also this year, the interest in the two-annual event of the algae industry in Nuthetal has risen again and it was more than the last time visitors are welcomed. Here, the flow of visitors on the algae event not limited to representatives of the seaweed industry in Germany and Europe, but also attracts visitors from other continents.

The "3 Algae boom "goes towards bioenergy

As Professor, Otto has Pulz, Deputy Managing Director and Head of the IHR biotechnology described very vividly, the current boom in the algae industry is not the first, but already the third major boost for the research and application of algae during the last 100 years. Here, the current boom is based on the bio-energy.

The past two years have been very successful, and especially the Aviation has with conducting test flights with algae fuel caused a stir. This goes so far that even the NASA interest in the production of bioenergy from algae gained. Also in the waste water treatment, algae for use and then used for the production of biodiesel.

But also in research, as a basis for innovative applications, major research projects have been started, which were addressed at the conference. Here is a small selection.

Source: www.biomasse-nutzung.de

Elsevier Biofuels from Algae
Book (Elsevier)

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Anyway, my argument is that algae 10,000 gallons of biofuels can be made from algae with 1 acre of land per year, whereas the next best plant (oil palm I think) can only produce 635 gallons of biodiesel per year. That has to make some difference, right?

Sounds great. However, first, remember that 10,000 of bio fuel has less energy than, say, 10,000 gallons of gasoline. Also, recall that there are energy expenses to prepare, harvest, and convert the algae-based by-products into fuel - does your 10,000 gallons production per acre consider all the energy costs of production?
Furthermore, recall that farming isn't the best business for the environment

US steps up advanced biofuels support with $25m funding  — Business Green
However, advanced biofuels production still remains at relatively low levels, despite long-standing targets in the US, and the country's first commercial-scale cellulosic ethanol plant only came online last week.

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