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Brazil, biofuel from sugar cane "sweetens" the flights - News  April 18, 2023 – 08:56 am
Primer: What You Need to Know About Brazilian Biofuels — Tech News


Milan, November 6 (TMNews) - From here you could take flight a sustainable way of traveling. This in fact is the first air link, experimental, from Campinas, in the state of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro with biofuel produced from sugar cane. "We believe our fuel can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by about 82%, but for this it is necessary that it produces a large scale, "says public relations director of Azul, the Brazilian company which aims to turn this verde.La feedstock to produce the biofuel grows here in Riberiao Preto in the State of São Paulo, where it is grown on 60% of the sugar cane from all over Brazil. Experts say that produce fuel from sugar cane is more sustainable cereals. But environmentalists and human rights defenders think differently: the biofuel has led to the expulsion of peasants from their lands, reduced food crops and resulted in an increase in land prices. "There are still many illegal actions around the deforestation and the conversion of sugar cane crops but we see that these problems are diminishing. I think that the third sector, NGOs and private companies are increasingly informing farmers to do things properly. " Despite these problems, the biofuels market is experiencing a real boom: only Brazil plans to increase production by 55% over the next ten years. (Images AFP)

Source: video.ilsole24ore.com

Cash crop: Brazil's biofuel leadership.(AMERICAS): An article from: Harvard International Review
Book (Harvard International Relations Council, Inc.)

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New Ethanol Producing Bug

TMO is one of many companies worldwide searching for an economic way to turn woody waste products into ethanol, which can be used to supplement or even replace gasoline in cars.
"We hav... United States, already produces about 6 billion gallons of ethanol a year from corn to use as motor fuel, and Brazil brewed around 4 billion gallons of ethanol last year from sugar cane.
But biofuel producers have suffered increasing criticism this year for contributing to deforestation, stealing scant food resources and using climate-damaging fossil fuels to power their "green" facilities

Water + Sunshine = Fuel as lab in California chases dream  — Houston Chronicle
Then comes the second leap: Applying that same research to a system that can blend the hydrogen fuel with carbon dioxide from the air, much as a plant does, to make liquid fuels that can power cars, heavy trucks, boats or aircraft.

Cars may one day be fueled purely from water and sun  — Newsday
While some seek to make fuel from algae, corn or other crops, Lewis argues that such solutions require too much water or land that will be needed for food production. Innovation Race. Research projects like JCAP have the luxury of not ..

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