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Lemur Project Blog: green high tech Beetles  August 29, 2013 – 03:02

The insect is green iridescent pigments without.
The iridescent green beetle Chrysina glorious armor gives its characteristic color due to a complex cellular structure almost identical to that of liquid crystals and optical high-tech, according to a study published in the journal Science.
Conducted by specialists from Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, USA, the investigation establishes that the highly sophisticated arrangement of cells in the insect exoskeleton resembles the order of the molecules in a liquid crystal type has been studied for use in photonic devices.
Without pigments, photonic structures present in the beetle manipulate the light to appear bright green armor.
Thus, the insect looks green when illuminated by unpolarized light, such as sunlight or circularly polarized light to the left, in which the orientation generates light colored spirals.
The green disappears when the beetle is illuminated with circularly polarized light to the right, according to research.
Range of colors
Professor Mohan Srinivasarao, who led the study, had been analyzing liquid crystals mechanisms used in high-tech lighting.
"The two systems are remarkably similar, " he said.
"When I first saw the exoskeleton of the beetle (in the microscope) I thought it was something I had seen before, " said the specialist told the BBC.
"Iridescent beetles, butterflies, certain organisms and many birds derive their unique colors from the interaction of light with physical structures on their external surfaces, " said Srinivasarao.
"Understanding how these structures generate the extraordinary range of colors of nature can help us create optical and photonic devices in miniature" he said.


Source: bloglemu.blogspot.com

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