Epic Image Photography

Social media battles are raging over so many subjects regarding women today.  Discussions about women breastfeeding in public, fat-shamed,  or is the #freethenipple movement legitimate.  And while everyone is sharing opinions. I think we are still ignoring the woman in front of us that is quietly accepting the culture’s current evaluation of who she is. She is working, staying busy, and focusing on winning the day for her family…or pursuing her dreams…or maybe both… but regardless of her equality, or her expression of her femininity she is still very much a human with the need to be valued be seen as attractive and desirable. Society has told her that her only assets are tight firm skin and flawless curves, and she believes it whether she says it out loud or not. She believes it and she does everything in her power to fulfill her subconscious desire to achieve her dream to be desirable. But she needs to know… that her desirability comes from desiring herself as she is…her beauty comes from believing that she is beautiful. Sometimes the only way to convince her is to show her, to simply allow her to see herself from a new perspective and open her eyes to the truth that she is a beautiful creation and that her strength and beauty is truly found when she finally sees her own unique strengths and beauties. That is the singular driving motivation behind my Glamour and Boudoir Photography. I cannot stress how important it is that the women in your life know how valuable and beautiful they are… you should tell them that they are strong, and valuable and beautiful every day because society says the opposite just as often. And what we hear most often is what we end up believing. She needs to know she is beautiful.