Meet Rhizza Adams!

I want to introduce you to Rhizza Adams, the owner of Mad Mars Designs. I met her during my very first week in Springfield, Missouri!

Shortly after moving here to our new home, I discovered the fantastic Farmers Market Of the Ozarks. Every Saturday morning. Rhizza’s booth is one of my favorites to shop at. Her friendly smile and warm eyes pulled me in immediately. That’s when I found out she has the most amazing smelling lotions. Her Artisan Soaps are hand created from high-quality natural ingredients. I will tell you, I am a Louisiana girl and mosquito’s find me, y’all. They FIND ME!

Her Bye Bye Bug spray is amazing! I get compliments on the scent, and most importantly, it works! I was so impressed with everything that I went back and asked Rhizza if I could photograph her at her booth. While I was there rearranging her display, I met Ms. Lynn (Earthbeets Farm). She was exchanging some brightly colored peppers and herbs for some of Rhizza’s famous Lavender Rosewater toner.

Ms. Lynn quickly stole me away to check out their veggies at Earthbeets. On our way to her tent, she pointed out a shirt with a buffalo logo. She told me about the buffalo fence her husband is building. Only, they don’t have any buffalo, or know where to find them! She was giggling, and I am not sure if she was joking or not. I really hope she’s serious! (I plan to find out next week!)

Once we arrived at Earthbeets, she introduced us to her son, Jafar, the owner. He was surrounded by delicious looking vegetables, herbs, and beautiful flowers. I plan on picking up some of that cilantro next week for my next salsa and guacamole recipe.

If you have a chance to visit Farmers Market Of The Ozarks, be sure to go say hi to Rhizza and grab some something for yourself and a friend! You might find me mingling with one of them too. If you are not local to the area, you can discover @madmarsdesigns online