We would like to introduce Jason and Jill Brock to you. They are the owners and operators of FireLight Pizza Company. They specialize in baking authentic wood-fired pizzas, in their imported, traveling Italian wood-fired oven. We met these beautiful souls while shopping at the Farmers Market of the Ozarks. We were immediately drawn to them by the delicious aroma, the moment you walk into the market. We were greeted by Jill’s joyous smile and gleaming personality. Their customer service can’t be beaten!

The pizza was prepared and placed in the open wood-fired oven by Jason. They offer tasty, classic options like cheese, and pepperoni, that our daughter absolutely loves! I personally enjoy their delicious veggie pizza! My husband can be found with their breakfast or meat pizza on a regular basis!

Within minutes they prepare, cook, and serve the pizza right in front of our eyes. With the open oven, you can watch the entire process as your pizza is being cooked.

I’m not sure what they put in the dough, but it is the best I’ve had! I am not usually one to want to eat the crust but I just couldn’t help myself! They are topped with fresh ingredients to the edge of the pizza! They are also very involved in the community, here in Springfield. We ran into them at Parties in the Park, benefiting Springfield Little Theater, just last week. They will also cater to your own special event, with their traveling oven!

I urge you, the next time you are in Springfield on a Saturday morning, visit Farmers Market of the Ozarks and stop by Firelight Pizza! You will meet amazing people, fill your belly with delicious food, and contribute to a fantastic local business.

Follow them on Facebook @firelightpizza

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