Epic Image PhotographyFor over a thousand years portraits have been the medium of choice to record the family legacies of royalty and the wealthy and influential people of the world. As we move into the digital age historians point to a 21st century “dark age” where we lose our digital images to upgraded software and thrown away computers. Dr. Vinton Cerf of Google says “In our zeal to get excited about digitizing we digitize photographs thinking it’s going to make them last longer, and we might turn out to be wrong,” he said. “I would say if there are photos you are really concerned about create a physical instance of them. Print them out.” and I strongly agree and I will explain why.

My desire to create portraits with the lasting value of legacy came at a steep price, I lost one of my most precious possessions… a beautiful 4 month old baby boy. Up to that point we simply took photos with our cellphones and never even considered the possibility that those photos would have any value. One of the things that you never consider when our loved ones are with us is that the smallest details of a person tend to fade once they are gone…the memories are just not as clear. I cannot tell you how many times I have run my hands across the blurry, pixelated cellphone images we have printed of my baby boy just wishing for one photo that showed him like he truly was… so beautiful and perfect, but that will never happen because unfortunately the most priceless portrait is the one that was never taken. I know that because I would pay almost any price to have every detail preserved for me to remember my baby boy as closely to how he actually looked to me.

As your personal or family photographer we are your photographic historians, we are the artisan that documents and records your legacy, we are the visual storyteller of your story. The best service we could ever provide for you is to create and place priceless artwork in your hands for you to pass down for generations. And the only types of artwork that survives generations of history is artwork of incredible beauty and value that is worth passing down. For that reason our Legacy Portraits are meticulously crafted with the best materials and processes available making them incredibly durable and long lasting on 100 year photographic paper and canvases, with durable wood frames, and exquisite finishes.