I am a bit of a romantic (yes I cried watching the notebook) and I am in love with the beauty of Motherhood. Every one of my wife’s pregnancies was an amazing opportunity for me to enjoy the radiant glow of her skin, beautiful hair and all the things that already made her amazing that were just multiplied! I wish I had been more focused on photography as I missed out on so many beautiful images during her pregnancies.

Roxana and her husband were very interested in seeing what we could create for their maternity photos so they brought lots of the things that were important to them. We had discussed some ideas about the direction of their session so when she showed up with her Greek/Roman-inspired dress I instantly had a few ideas. The natural flow of the dress just fit and the essence of motherhood just seemed to flow from Roxana. As a military family I also wanted to capture Roxana with Nicholas in his uniforms. We ended up with some great images! be sure to share your favorite image!