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3RD Generation Biofuel Algae

Biofuels, advantages disadvantages as much _ _ Xinhua Finance Channel  May 17, 2023 – 10:02 am

Brazilian sugar cane as a biofuel factory. Caetano Barreira photo

There was a company ready to be promoted Ma maple items.

Third generation technology from Brown algae extract grape fuel.

Because the cost of food,the current biofuel technology roundly criticized.

The world's first one burn "fruit oil" has withstood the giant airliner flying test."Biofuels" is taking off,and will occupy an important fuel market position. However,since the birth of biofuels since the day of constant controversy,some even say that the development of "bio-fuels" is guilty of "crimes against humanity."In the end who is right,we should do about it?

An advantage of both renewable and very environmentally friendly

Now,to find a substitute for "fossil" fuel has become a priority.

Long in the ground creatures became logical alternatives,they can be planted in the ground,harvested crop of another crop to grow,called "renewable energy."Air New Zealand flight experiments show that in 12 hours of flight time in a typical,all use hemp maple fruit fuel emissions of carbon dioxide emissions than fossil fuels by about 60%.Another study showed that 10% of the gasoline in bioethanol vehicle emissions by 10% or more of carbon monoxide,hydrocarbons by 15 percent.

So,how come biofuel it?Now,there are two main categories of biofuels,a class is used vegetable oil instead of diesel,and the other is to use plants produce ethanol instead of gasoline.These methods produced biofuels is called "first-generation biofuels."Many plants fruits and seeds are rich in fat,such as olive,soybean,sunflower,canola,flax maple and so on.

Vegetable usually very thick,but the heating may reduce their viscosity,so that they can be burned directly in the engine,or by chemical methods using them to create "bio-diesel."Biodiesel and diesel performance very close. Many vegetable oil and biodiesel fuel value higher than diesel fuel savings achieved which purpose and the amount of emissions of harmful gases is less than the "fossil diesel fuel."

Source: big5.xinhuanet.com

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I'm seeking advice on which one I should study for an advanced degree. I know they seem very different, but these are the two subjects that I feel (equally) fit with my goals.
Both give me a chance to help people, and potentially make an impact on a large scale.
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US steps up advanced biofuels support with $25m funding  — Business Green
However, advanced biofuels production still remains at relatively low levels, despite long-standing targets in the US, and the country's first commercial-scale cellulosic ethanol plant only came online last week.

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Congressional Research Service Alternative Fuels and Advanced Technology Vehicles: Issues in Congress
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