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Departure from biofuel - Oettinger wants fuel from waste and algae - Car & Mobile  May 23, 2023 – 11:01 am
IVEDC awarded grant to continue promoting Valley bio-fuel industry


The EU is to meet its ambitious climate targets. Fuel from food crops has to be in the future play a smaller role. Instead, EU Energy Commissioner Guenther Oettinger wants to promote second-generation biofuels.

The European Commission wants to put less incentives for the consumption of biofuels. Negative effects of climate and food security would take more account of the Brussels authority in the future. In order to achieve the self-set climate targets of the EU countries to fuel from food crops contribute less. Presented a proposal to EU Energy Commissioner Guenther Oettinger and his colleague Connie Hedegaard air on Wednesday in Brussels.

The EU Member States have committed themselves to win in 2020, ten percent of its energy from renewable sources in the transport sector. Only half of it should come from biofuels, are processed for food crops. In addition, the Commission proposes that, from 2020, not to promote biofuel that does not bring significant savings in greenhouse gases with state funds.

Second generation biofuels are important

Basically, the wants EU biofuels second generation foster, so fuels, for example, consist waste or algae. For the cultivation of these plants fall victim to any fields with food or ecologically important rainforests and wetlands. Therefore they are considered to be climate-friendly. With a more accurate assessment of climate impacts of different biofuel varieties, the authorities in Brussels but holds back.


The Commission had initially rated as poor today as biodiesel. For fuel suppliers so that he would become less attractive. Their fuels for the transport sector to generate 2020 namely six percent less greenhouse gases by the year. Bad classified biofuel would be able to contribute less.

In an earlier draft of September, the Commission wanted to calculate the carbon footprint accurately. After strong opposition from industry which is now out of the question for now. The EU member states and the European Parliament must approve the proposal from Oettinger.

Alternative Drives

Source: www.sueddeutsche.de

Elsevier Biofuels from Algae
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2) Nat gas mega-port just built south of Ensenada in Baja
3) Sempra working on getting okay for massive new carrying capacity lines into San Diego from Imperial Valley
4) Multiple companies in San Diego area working on algae based biofuels, including Craig Venter at Genome that just got a $600 million deal with Exxon
5) Imperial Valley is an already polluted desert with 360 sunny days a year and a friendly business climate
6) Salton Sea in Imperial Valley is the largest lake in CA

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