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Ciência Viva - We have Experience Science  April 4, 2023 – 08:33 am
Top 11 Algae Market Trends For 2011 : Biofuels Digest


(Ineti), onde a pesquisa eo trabalho de extracção de óleo de microalgas para a produção de biocombustível já são feitos há quase trinta anos, garante a Portugal know-how nesta tecnologia. The National Institute of Engineering, Technology and Innovation (INETI), where research and the work of the oil extraction of microalgae for biofuel production are already made ​​almost thirty years ago, Portugal guarantees expertise in this technology.

, empresa nascida em 1997 na área de biotecnologia marinha, deu origem em Janeiro de 2008 à Algafuel , que se lançou de forma pioneira na industrialização de biomassa de microalgas para a produção de biocombustível. The Necton , company born in 1997 in the area of marine biotechnology, led in January 2008 to Algafuel , which launched a pioneer in the industrialization of biomass of microalgae for biofuel production.

The procedure followed is similar to that drawn by INETI, but on a larger scale. The production is daily, throughout the year, and does not suffer from climatic variations, as in agriculture. A production unit can reach several tons of algae per year, varying according to the type of algae and the environmental conditions.

Currently, several Portuguese companies using microalgae to produce biofuels at competitive prices. However, despite the numerous advantages, the process of getting oil from microalgae is still slightly more expensive than production in oilseed plants.

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