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Biodiesel plant Galp allows exporting 26 million euros  May 11, 2023 – 09:50 am

Ferreira de Oliveira,CEO da Galp In 2012,Galp sold 3.2 billion euros this year and could reach 4000 million with increased production in Sines

Ferreira de Oliveira,CEO of Galp

11/07/2013 | 00:00 | Mad Money

A new biodiesel plant in Galp Sines,inaugurated yesterday,will allow to increase exports by more liquid fuel 26 million per year,said the CEO of the company,Manuel Ferreira de Oliveira.However,it is not by the sales of this new biodiesel out there,but because the company is going to have a surplus of diesel fuel,which can now seep into other markets.

"We will produce this plant 27, 000 tons of biodiesel per year that we will use in Portugal to join the diesel [Normal],as required by the European Commission.This means that we have more normal diesel available for export to other markets such as diesel is a thousand dollars per ton gives significantly,sales of 26 million euros,"explained Din heiro Vivo,CEO of Galp.

This means that the more biodiesel Galp incorporate into regular diesel that sells in Portugal,more fuel will be available for export and sell more abroad.Ie 26 million additional can easily grow.

This will eventually happen,also under the requirement of the European Commission,since the percentage is 5.5%,but this year it increases to 6% by 2020 and will reach 10%,Ferreira de Oliveira said.

The problem is that,according to the CEO of Galp,"this path has a cost" since "incorporate biodiesel in diesel fuel translates into higher prices for the end consumer,more precisely between two and three cĂȘnrimos per liter."

However,Ferreira de Oliveira,remember that this is a European requirement and not muma company's decision.This new plant arises,moreover,by necessity,since her Galp is also to prevent the import of such "green" fuel,which would be more expensive than producing it here.

Moreover,according to the CEO of Galp,that the construction of this factory,which cost 8.5 million euros - appealed mostly to Portuguese companies and that the raw material is there transformed into fuel is 100% national."The carcasses and remains of cows and pigs slaughterhouses and even waste cooking oils all come here, " he said.

However,in the factory EnerFuel no remains of animals.Fats cows and pigs are first transformed into oil and then delivered to the biodiesel plant.Later,Galp must build another biodiesel plant but which uses palm oil,or vegetable origin.



Galp produces 27, 000 tons of biodiesel in regular diesel will dilute,causing no more diesel fuel available for export

Source: www.dinheirovivo.pt

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How biodiesel is made

Biodesel is made from vegetable oil.
fuel companies and backyard enthusiasts make biodiesel thru a chemical reaction called transesterfication. Lye and methanol are used.
biodiesel is a great substitute to diesel for a number of reasons, first and foremost being that it is non-toxic! it is classified as a food product, so fumes and spills of the liquid are WAY less harmful to humans and animals than petro diesel....
Petro diesel's soot is a known carcinogen, containing solids that should be considered toxic waste, while bio's is NOT.
Bio is better for your engine than diesel

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