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Ravage Cameroon to ensure biofuel Europe  April 25, 2023 – 09:07 am

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Ravage Cameroon to ensure biofuel Europe

Condividi Posted on 17/02/10 in • Category: reports Share Tweet Cholera,typhoid fever and dysentery,would it be a "gift" to the people of Cameroon who suffers the destruction of forests to make way for oil palm plantations destined to produce biofuels.Operation supported by ' Europe ,which focuses on biofuel to gradually replace oil.World Bank and International Monetary Fund are supporting the campaign for biodiesel in Cameroon: 140, 000 hectares,30, 000 of which are obtained at the expense of the African forest,rural populations and biodiversity: the destruction of virgin forests accelerates global warming.

The current objective of the Cameroon government,explains Alessandro Ingaria on " PeaceReporter "is to increase by a further 50, 000 hectares of plantations oil palm.Camerun 2 Part of the raw material is transformed by the local industry and the rest is exported mainly to Nigeria,France ,Italy ,Malaysia and Indonesia."However,this plan of development of the oil palm,is causing a major impact in the forest of Cameroon,afflicting the population that depends on it, " says Ingaria.

The main effects of this policy are the cutting of forests for replacement with palm trees and forest fires,for speculative purposes."The intervention of the companies interested in the cultivation of the plant is generating conflicts with the population,particularly to agreements based on promises then proved false,and with local communities,excluded from decision-making on the territory in which they live."Among the main charges: violation of rights customary,the attempt to implant without government authorization,compensation ever paid and the broken promises related to a real local development.

"Topics unfortunately already known when it comes to natural resources of developing countries and the International Monetary Fund interventions, " says " PeaceReporter . "Evidence of the Kribi region,collected by the Centre Tricontinental,which describe the inhabitants of the region were severely affected by the decline of the forest and resources available in it,due to increased palm plantations.

The same people complain that their traditional way of life has become impossible,while not benefiting from the advantages of this new economy ,as companies do not employ local labor."It 's also a very high suspicion that the chemicals used in the area are polluting the waterways,causing illnesses such as cholera,typhoid fever and dysentery" (info: ).

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