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Press Release - Insolvency of the Lufthansa supplier Sun Biofuels 1,200 jobs at risk in Mozambique: INKOTA network eV  May 15, 2023 – 09:59 am
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[Berlin, 29 October 2011] - The British company Sun Biofuels Bioenergy has announced bankruptcy. Sun Biofuels is building on a plantation in the region of Chimoio in Mozambique jatropha for the production of bio-kerosene. Lufthansa used jatropha oil from Chimoio on the Hamburg-Frankfurt as part of a long-term trial. INKOTA fears that 1, 200 people will lose their jobs due to the collapse of Sun Biofuels.

"The insolvency of the company Sun Biofuels demonstrates that developing countries received a very high risk when placing land to foreign investors for the cultivation of energy crops, " says Evelyn train from developmental network INKOTA.

Sun Biofuels had promised to create jobs in the region Chimoio. In return, the people agreed on the spot that they previously farmed arable land is used for cultivation of jatropha oil-bearing nut.

A commissioned from INKOTA in February 2011 to study the effects of Jatropha cultivation in Chimoio on the rural population revealed that Sun Biofuels had actually mostly created in the last 1, 200 years, seasonal jobs on the plantation. However, with the insolvency of the company is now unclear how to proceed for the local people. "The people have given away their farmland for the promise of jobs., If the operation on the plantation is now set, they have lost everything, " feared web.

The European Union has recognized seven certification systems for power plants in July this year. The plantation of Sun Biofuels has not been certified. "As an end user of the Jatrophaöls we see the German Lufthansa's responsibility to ensure that social standards are maintained on the plantations." It also includes a compensation of the workers on the plantation of Sun Biofuels, if they are now losing their jobs, "asks web.

In Mozambique, about 38 percent of the population suffer from malnutrition. For the rural population the access to land is key to food security dar. The large-scale acquisition of land by foreign investors for the cultivation of energy crops is often accompanied by the displacement of food production and is also known as land grabbing.

INKOTA is currently in contact with the small farming community in Mozambique, UNAC, in order to obtain a further assessment of the situation of the workers on the plantation of Sun Biofuels.

Press release as PDF

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Evelyn web INKOTA-Secretary for Food and Agriculture, Tel 030-420 8202 -55, Mobile: 0177-32 43 408, email: web [at] inkota.de

Source: www.inkota.de

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