Panty Pointers – Are You Wearing The Proper Panty for your Posterior?

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A very common struggle with our glamour or boudoir photography clients is knowing what types of panties to bring that will make them look best for their photos.  We put together something that might just help you whendeciding!  If you are really struggling with what to wear, just book us [...]

You Will LOVE These Christmas Light Photos Of Lake Charles Homes

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Christmas lights are such a great tradition for Christmas. They are such a great interuption from the hustle and bustle of the holidays, and it seems like they just demand you slow down and just absorb their twinkly goodness.  There is no question that you should see them for [...]

She Needs To Know…

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Social media battles are raging over so many subjects regarding women today.  Discussions about women breastfeeding in public, fat-shamed,  or is the #freethenipple movement legitimate.  And while everyone is sharing opinions. I think we are still ignoring the woman in front of us that is quietly accepting the culture's current [...]

Forging A Legacy With Family Photography

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For over a thousand years portraits have been the medium of choice to record the family legacies of royalty and the wealthy and influential people of the world. As we move into the digital age historians point to a 21st century “dark age” where we lose our digital images [...]