Family Portrait Photography

Your portrait sessions do not need to be painful experience.  We focus on keeping things moving quickly and efficiently so dad and the kids don’t get bored. Family portraits are a legacy for your family and a perfect opportunity to capture everyone at a specific time in your family history. Children grow up before you realize it, and these portraits will be a treasure to you forever.

In-Studio Portraits

Our studio photography is beautiful and straightforward we use classic editorial style photography with beautiful custom hand-painted canvas backgrounds used by world-renowned photographers. The goal of studio photography is to create images that represent your family with no distracting background. These portraits are perfect for heirloom quality wall art for your mantelpiece or great room

Location Portraits

The right location can make your family portrait genuinely amazing. We are available to photograph you in your home or many other local spots. We are also available to travel for national and international locations.

Perfect Mini Session

  • Studio Or On Location
  • Great for simple concepts
  • 30 Minute Session
  • All Digitals and Products are Purchased Separately
  • (No Minimum Purchase)

Standard Session

  • Studio Or On Location
  • Perfect for a Photo Book
  • 1 Hour Session
  • All Digitals and Products are Purchased Separately
  • ($500 Minimum Purchase Required)

Premium Session

  • Studio Or On Location
  • Best for Large Prints and Photo Books
  • Up to 2 Hour Session
  • All Digitals and Products are Purchased Separately
  • ($1000 Minimum purchase required)
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Portrait Outfit Styling

For many families, this will be the most elegant portrait they will own for their lifetime, so some details are in order.

Men – Pick A Tuxedo or suit, a solid light-colored shirt, tie, and dark pants. Cufflinks are a nice touch also.

Ladies – Dark Colors (navy, black, dark green, burgundy, dark green, etc.) dress or gown. Long sleeves are better, Diamonds or pearls as jewelry, are classic and perfect.

Young Girls – Dark or jewel-toned dresses, ivory, cream, or off white are also ok for 5 and younger. Short sleeves are perfect

Young Boys – Same as men, or a solid dark sweater. If under 4, a white shirt with a bow tie can be appropriate.

Bright and Airy Portraits

Chose neutral colors with soft creamy, flowing fabrics…. Pastels, off white, tans, grays, and pale blues.

Choose coordinating (but not matchy, matchy) colors with bold accent colors, such as hues of gray with yellow or bright red accents. Adding scarves, hats, glasses, etc. as accessories is a great way to make things feel lighthearted.

Tips For Great Family Portraits

Have a Positive Attitude!

Having a negative attitude going into your family portraits is the #1 cause of family stress during a portrait session. Children feed off your stress and mirror your attitude. 

Be Well Rested.

Don’t schedule family portraits close to nap or bedtime. Outdoors photos are best done in the late evening two hours from sunset.

Lookin Like a Snack

Some families come to a photo session with a meal scheduled at the end. Not the best idea, however, if that is your plan, be sure everyone gets a snack before the photo shoot.

Give Yourself Enough Time

Leave plenty of time for everyone to get ready. If you show up to a family photo session rushed, there is no way to get that rushed and frustrated look off your face and get a good photo. Give yourself ample time and above all remember relax… everything is going to be fine

Hair and Makeup For Mom

Mom should get professional hair and makeup done. She will feel pretty and pampered and will be feeling confident about how she looks. We have a list of excellent artists that do photo ready makeup.

Let Us Handle The Kids! 

We don’t say “CHEESE!” anymore… don’t even worry about making your children do a thing. Relax, Smile, and watch us do our magic! Parent’s feverishly fussing, being anxious and high strung, or loud, being overly pushy or threatening or bribing for a smile is a guaranteed family portrait failure waiting to happen!  Just relax and ignore the kids unless we ask for help. we can absolutely get beautiful smiles without a bit of your help!

It’s Ok To Not Look At The Camera!

The best family photos are often the ones where everyone is engaged or interacting with each other. Understand that not every picture needs everyone looking at the camera and smiling. Just be natural! You will treasure these genuine moments of love and connection more than a stiff stressful photo session.


Everything will be fine, the kids will smile, you will smile, and we will be done before you realize it… you will easily spend more time getting ready than you will taking photos in most cases. We are fast and efficient as long as you can remember and follow these tips!!! 

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