Lake Charles Best Professional Headshots

A great headshot is the most important tool for making good first impressions.
It’s also practically a necessity in today’s competitive marketplace.
Your headshot is not just what you look like but it is also an expression of your personality and how you want others to perceive you.

Fast Automated Online Booking!

Booking your business headshot only takes about 3 minutes and you can do it on your phone!
We can also take last minute sessions if you call ahead.

Crazy Fast… Guaranteed Headshot Sessions!

We have perfected the entire process of headshots; the lighting, the posing, we’ve even mastered how to minimize features that you are self-concious of.
We are so good at it we guarantee you will be happy with your corporate headshot.
And we are crazy fast at getting you in and out. Your session will often take less than 15 minutes and you will be done!

Group Discounts

Discounted rates for groups of 5 or more are available.

On-Location Headshot Options

On-location sessions are great for minimizing the impact on staff work schedule.

Headshot Session

  • downloadable proof gallery
  • One fully retouched image of your choice
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