Senior Portraits

Your senior portraits represent you at one of the most amazing times in your life. Your future is wide open and full of dreams and ambitions! This is the perfect time to take the opportunity to capture you at your very best!  Bring your style, your attitude, your creativity and see what we can do with it!

Don’t be afraid to bring lots of outfits for every season Summer, Winter, Spring, and Fall! During your consultation we will discuss your style and personality and decide on looks that will work for you.  The more options I have to work with the better your session will be!

Don’t forget…
sunglasses • hats • scarves  • gloves • jewelry • make up • lip gloss • powder.

Bring your favorite…
hobby items • instruments • sports equipment

School stuff…
letter jackets • jerseys • hoodies • shorts • pennants

Always be sure your outfits for your senior portrait session are fresh and wrinkle free so you look your very best!